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Of course, when the hallway is large, it is easier to adhere to the planned style in it, but in a small room it will be relevant to use a combination of scarlet, light blue and pistachio. If the hallway is low, then the ceiling in celestial colors will hide this drawback, and the pistachio decor will enhance the effect.

Very well combined in the hallway purple, yellow and blue. For example, as the main background of the interior, you can make green-blue and set a yellow cabinet, a banquette with purple cushions on its background. A mirror in a carved purple frame will also look original.

It would seem incompatible green and red colors can also be harmoniously combined. As you can see, the red-green color, with a reasonable approach to its use, will serve well.

And of course, let’s touch on the classics – a combination of green and brown. These 2 colors are not only perfectly combined, but never prevail one over the other, as this combination is borrowed from nature. Brown is the color of wood, and it can be used to paint doors, to cover floors. You can make brown panels or make furniture of the same color, and green to finish the surfaces.

A beautiful combination of shades with LED backlighting A beautiful combination of shades with LED backlighting

Accessories will help to complement the decor. On a green background, a jug and similar decorative elements look great.

In a large hallway, plants in beautiful pots will look exquisite. It is important to consider not only the design, but also the degree of sun exposure, so you need to use only suitable plants.

Although this room is called a living room, still most of the time it is spent by the owners, not guests, so everything in it should also be thought out for coziness and comfort.

Conveniently and relatively quickly, you can design the hallway, where only the walls are green, and upholstered furniture, windows and the ceiling are white – simply and tastefully.

The walls are green and the upholstered furniture is white The walls are green and the upholstered furniture is white

A similar setting can be modified by adding decor and furniture of a different color.

Furniture added in white and red Color added furniture in white and red

The ceiling may not necessarily be white – in the photo you can see a successful combination of olive walls and a brown ceiling.

Lucky combines olive walls and a brown ceiling Lucky combines olive walls and a brown ceiling

Another original solution is to contrast the decoration of the room, where one wall is white, the other is green, the third is red and the fourth is beige. It is important to remember that this style is not applicable in every living room.

As a separate point, one can mention such an important part of the decor as green curtains and curtains, the tone of which is chosen for the decor. In this case, they are in harmony with upholstered furniture, carpet and lamps.

Curtains in harmony with upholstered furnitureCurtains in harmony with upholstered furniture

Even one green armchair can emphasize the harmony of style, and the pillow complements the plot of the green picture with a painted purple flower.

Green armchair in harmony with white furnitureGreen armchair in harmony with white furniture

Curtains can be not monophonic, but multi-colored, in the pattern of which 2 primary colors of the living room are reflected – blue and asparagus.

The curtains can be colorful. The curtains can be colorful.

The next plot is somewhat unconventional – in the living room there are not only green windows, curtains, a ceiling, but also an entrance door with furniture. Such an abundance of green is smoothed by the bright finish of the walls under the brick and furniture, otherwise the presence in this room would cause discomfort.

If the main color of the living room is different, then there may not be much green in it – a pair of ottomans and a wall behind the cupboard.

Even a small number of decorative elements (for example, green flowers) can pleasantly transform the room.

Also noteworthy is a somewhat extraordinary approach to the design of the living room – only green upholstered furniture and flowers can be made of green in it.

In the bedroom you need to create a soft and relaxing atmosphere, thanks to which you can fall asleep with pleasure, and the rest will be pleasant and complete. To achieve this effect, you will have to take into account the features of the room.

In a room with low light it is better to use light shades of green.

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